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Planting Instructions

Tuberose Bulbs

Planting Instructions:

The Double Pearl Tuberose is a tuberous-rooted perennial. Planting can be done outside after soil is warm, or plant 2 inches deep in a pot. Put one cluster in a 6 inch pot. Tuberose cannot take a freeze. Plants like full sunlight indoors or out. Water heavily, but must have good drainage. Let the soil dry out before watering again. Feed with a complete acid type fertilizer. Bulbs planted outside must be dug and stored in a warm, dry place before winter.

Plumeria Seeds

Planting Instructions:

Use good potting soil or vermiculite in a small 4 inch pot. Water the potting soil first. Place the seed in the pot with the wings up, cover with 1/4 inch of the wet potting soil. Keep the pot in the warmest, sunny area; they like greenhouse conditions. Keep the soil moist and mist regularly. Plumeria cannot take a freeze, and will not germinate in cold weather. The seed should sprout within the first 30 days. Seed colors do not necessarily remain true to the parent, so your variety will be a surprise!

Plumeria Rooted Cutting (Plant)

Planting Instructions:

Remove wrapper and plastic pot from the rooted Plumeria. Take an empty 6” pot or bigger with a good drainage hole and put a small amount of potting soil in the bottom. Place the potted Plumeria inside the pot, and fill the rest with more potting soil. Tap down until the plant is upright and secure.
Plumeria like lots of light and warmth. They can be grown in a sunny window, or outside as long as it is not exposed to a freeze. You may fertilize the plant with a general-purpose fertilizer.

Plumeria Cutting

Planting Instructions:

Fill a 6” pot with a good grade of potting soil. Make sure pot has drainage hole. Place the cut end of the stalk 2 inches into the soil and keep the soil moist. Rooting should take place in 1 to 2 months. Plumeria like lots of light and warmth. Can be grown inside in sunny window or outside as long as it is not exposed to a freeze. After the roots are well established, the Plumeria can be transplanted into a bigger pot or planted in a garden that is not susceptible to freezing. After Plumeria is rooted, you may fertilize the plant with a general-purpose fertilizer.

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